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正能光電AIoT Optics 搶進 CES Show

經濟日報 報導於2021/12/27

2021年台灣國際人工智慧暨物聯網展(AIoT Taiwan) 甫於耶誕週結束,2022年初即將迎來美國消費電子產品大展(CES Show),台灣的電子及資通訊業趁勢追單2021年中美貿易衝突的供應鏈移轉商機,積極佈局2022年的全球供應鏈轉單成長。

The 2021 Taiwan International Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things Exhibition (AIOT Taiwan) just ended in Christmas week, and the American Consumer Electronics Show (CES Show), seizing the business opportunity of supply chain transfer due to the Sino-US trade conflict, Taiwan’s electronics and information and communication industries took advantage of the situation to pursue orders, and actively deployed the growth of global supply chain transfer orders.

IoT Taiwan由電電公會主辦、台灣數位科技產業學會協辦,其中的「AI數位生活館」,有幾家策略聯盟廠商及相關產品服務很吸睛、也吸金,包括起而行綠能、喬信電子、匯嘉健康、凱智綠能、宏茂光電等,專業影像光學代工廠正能光電的新產品,吸引不少觀展者的目光。

In the AIoT Taiwan exhibition hosted by the Electronics Association and co-organized by the Taiwan Digital Technology Industry Association, the "AI Digital Life Hall" has several strategic alliance manufacturers and related products and services that are very eye-catching and attract money, including Qierxing Green Energy, Qiao Xin Electronics, Huijia Health, Kaizhi Green Energy, HLO, etc., among which the new products of "LEtC", a professional imaging optics foundry, attracted the attention of many exhibitors.

(位於「AI數位生活館」的正能光電攤位,參觀人潮眾多。 正能/提供)

專業光學設計製造廠正能光電由早期普立爾相機研發及經管團隊所創立,專注在人工智能物聯網(AIoT)及車聯網(IoV)應用之光學硬體及光學元件開發。在應用於腳踏車的車聯網(IoV)及電動自行車(E-Bike)的車燈照相機系列產品線已佈局多年,其ODM Wifi Cam產品陸續進化,升級規格,創新設計,海內外業績穩定成長,也陸續和凱智綠能等電動自行車分享經濟業者達成策略聯盟,強強聯手,影像大數據加持,潛力可期。

LEtC is a professional optical design and manufacturing factory founded by the Premier Camera R&D and management team in the early days, focusing on the development of optical hardware and optical components for artificial intelligence Internet of Things (AIoT) and Internet of Vehicles (IOV) applications. The product line of the "light camera" series applied to bicycles and electric bicycles (E-bike) in the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) has been deployed for many years, and its ODM Wifi Cam products have gradually evolved and upgraded specifications.

在人工智能物聯網(AIoT Optics)光學應用於「視訊會議影像模組」(Video Conference camera)的高畫質影像產品線系列,已陸續完成客戶指定機種的開發,其魚眼、全景360及雙鏡頭及三鏡頭視訊會議系統ODM產品,採用台灣的ISP影像處理平台方案,強化規格,出口美國,也陸續和「美國教育標案」等通路商達成策略聯盟,並和「宏茂光電」結合AI影像縫補的軟體演算法,提供客戶軟硬影像光學一站式解決方案。

In the AIoT Optics high-resolution imaging product line series for the "Video Conference camera" optical application, the development of models designated by customers has been completed successively. Its fisheye, panoramic 360 and dual lens and three-lens video conferencing system ODM products, using Taiwan's ISP image processing platform The project, strengthened the specifications, exported to the United States, and also successively reached strategic alliances with distributors such as the American education project, and combined with HLO with the software algorithm of AI image stitching to provide customers with a one-stop solution for soft and hard image optics.

(應用於「視訊會議影像模組」(Video Conference camera)的高畫質影像產品線系列。 正能/提供)

展望未來,正能光電董事長胡芬綾表示,正能光電將更聚焦於高階物聯網及車聯網,和AI軟體演算法平台的應用大數據客戶,共同研發與拓展影像特殊應用數據庫(Domain know-how image database);不論是多鏡頭影像處理方案或應用於特殊場景,例如無人機特殊向量鏡頭及場域巡檢、陪伴機器人的物件辨識鏡頭、遠距醫療用特殊鏡頭及影像邊緣運算等。

Looking forward to the future, Hu Fenling, chairman of LEtC, said that LEtC will focus more on high-end Internet of Things and Internet of Vehicles, and apply big data customers on AI software algorithm platforms, and jointly develop and expand image-specific application databases,no matter what it is a multi-camera image processing solution or is used in special scenes.


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