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1. In the Lattice Energy Technology Corporation (“LEtC”) Apps, LEtC will properly treat any information that

can identify the personal identity of our customers ("Personal Information") in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

LEtC will use the Personal Information in comments from the customers, for the following purposes.

(1) To receive and refer to comments and requests.

(2) LEtC may entrust the Personal Information to its contractors to the extent necessary for fulfilling the purposes

of use stated above.

(3) LEtC will not disclose or provide the Personal Information that comes to its knowledge in comments from the

customers to any third party (including other not related customers) unless:

A. Customers have disclosed their name, address, sex, age, email address and other Personal Information to

such third party, or consent to disclosure thereof to such third party;

B. LEtC is required by the court, the police, the Public Prosecutor's Office or other national government

agencies, or similar agencies to disclose the Personal Information etc. concerning the customers;

C. in the reasonable judgment of LEtC, such disclosure is necessary in order to protect the life, health,

property, rights, etc., of itself or third parties (including other customers).

(4) Your information may be transferred to, and stored at, a destination inside or outside your country of residence.

Please note that the Taiwan laws on data protection do not guarantee the same levels of protection as your

country of residence; however, LEtC ensures there are adequate security measures in place to protect Personal



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